A Retirement Story: Estate Planning

Brian Fricke, CFP®Estate Planning, Retirement, Retirement Planning

Estate planning is a large part of preparing for your financial future and legacy. But, in truth, it’s complicated, and if you don’t work with professionals you may miss a small detail that has big implications later on for yourself or your family. Take this story, for example, which illustrates how leaving your family an inheritance can quickly turn into … Read More

Determining the Right Trustee for Your Trust

Brian Fricke, CFP®Estate Planning, Retirement Planning

Designating trustees depends on how the assets of your estate will be distributed. The trustee’s job is simply to determine and inventory all the assets and distribute them according to the terms of your trust and/or will. The trustee could delegate this responsibility, which I highly recommend, to your attorney, financial advisor and perhaps accountant. Their involvement would then be … Read More

The #1 Common Living Trust Mistake

Brian Fricke, CFP®Asset Protection, Estate Planning

Brian shares the #1 common mistake that he sees with Living Trusts, whether professionally prepared by an attorney or prepared by you. That big mistake? Failing to retitle all of your assets into the living trusts name. Why is this important? Doing so will avoid a large tax bill on the inheritance. In this video, Brian also shares a tax … Read More

2 Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Brian Fricke, CFP®Estate Planning

Recently we’ve had a couple of new clients have problems with estate documents they had created many many years ago. Here’s a couple of examples of the danger of having old estate documents.